Why should I donate?

With the economic slowdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, more families are being pushed below the poverty line in Nepal. Students have been out of schools since late April 2020 and many from the poorest families will not be returning. We, at BNF, are committed to bringing these bright students back to school and your donation will help us do that.

What happens to my donation?

A 100% of your funds go towards covering tuition fees, school supplies, food and accommodation of scholarship students, which in total amounts to on average a $100 a month per student. Once we gather enough the financial support, we identify deserving candidates and award our residential scholarships.

Who gets the scholarship ?

Many families are interested in our scholarships as a gateway to a better future. Ideally we would like to support everyone. But given limited resources we have, we need to be selective to identify the most deserving child and family. We use five criterias to select scholarship recipients:

  1. Must come from a family with a daily income of less than one dollar;
  2. Must be residing outside the Kathmandu valley;
  3. Must be ranked within the top 1% of their class in a government school outside Kathmandu valley;
  4. Must pass BNF’s scholarship assessments and interviews designed to evaluate the fit of the student and their parents commitment to the teaching principles of BNF;
  5. Must have a demonstrated passion for learning inside or outside the classroom, substantiated either by a national recognition or by the selection committee.

What can I expect after I have made a gift?

We will notify you by email as soon as we have selected the student that will receive your scholarship gift. You can then notify us on the level of engagement you would like to have. At minimum, we can keep you updated on the academic performance of your student twice a year. We encourage you to engage more actively with our students if possible. For example, you can communicate via postcards and emails. We also welcome you to visit us in Nepal and meet your beneficiary student in person.

How does it work to share a gift?

We want to encourage you to share the joy of supporting education with your loved ones. Join hands to set up a scholarship you can call your own. Simply list the email addresses and contribution amount committed by each person in your group. We will email them the links where they can make payment towards the scholarship.

Are gifts made to BNF tax-deductible?

Yes, donations made to BNF are tax-deductible and eligible to receive tax benefits in the US and globally in some cases. Although BNF is not directly registered as a 501-c3 organization in the US, our partner organization SEBS is.

What portion of a one-year residential scholarship would you like to give? Full scholarship costs $1200

10 %
25 %
50 %
100 %

Share the gift with your loved ones? Yes

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