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Who We Are

Education remains the single most important aspect to guide a progressive society. With this as our guiding principle, we are a charitable organisation aspiring to make a difference to the lives of underprivileged children with undescribed talents by providing them a equitable access to quality learning environment.

What we do


We reach out to community schools spread across Nepal and seek the students who have not had enough intellectual push due to limited resources. Selection is done based on following three criteria:

  • The student has been studying in community school(s) for last three years.
  • The student is top of his/her school or the class.
  • The student has demonstrated need for support.


At our main site at Lubhu, Lalitpur, spread across 4.02 acres, we impart an all-rounded education ranging from music, sports, technology to core academics.


We allow students to think critically and challenge stereotypical beliefs. Our vision is to impart an education that builds up an intellectual pursuit while enables students to identify problems of the society and find their hypothetical solutions.


Our mission is to bring a change—in students, their families, their communities, and whole socio-economic makeup of the nation in the near future.


Our progress so far

Students Funded
Districts Covered
Local Areas Covered
Families Assisted



New Mathematics book (grades 1-10) being designed. Worldwide resources and text materials incorporated.

Scholarships to study in Bloom Nepal School for underprivileged students studying in community schools for last four years. Students must have stellar academics specially in Mathematics and English and should appear in an entrance test.

Construction of new classrooms and residence buildings in Bloom Nepal School.

Fully equipped computer lab and library in Bloom Nepal School.


Expansion of land ownership.

Resource expansion (for example: Basketball court) in Bloom Nepal School.

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  • Charghare, Lubhu
  • Patan, Lalitpur
  • Nepal

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